Cybercrime happens every day. This means that every organization runs the risk of losing valuable information such as Customer/client data, Operational data and Market data. The consequences of such a loss can be devastating to an organization:

  • Loss of corporate reputation and customer trust
  • Financial loss and reduced productivity
  • Regulatory fines
  • Reduced competitive advantage through IP theft


So how can you protect your valued assets?

RESILIA™ is a framework of best practice designed to build cyber resilience skills across an organization. Based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practices guide it offers practical knowledge to enhance existing management strategies and help align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management. Using the ITIL lifecycle it develops the skills and insight needed to detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. The RESILIA™ certification program consists of a Foundation level and a Practitioner exam.


The RESILIA™ framework provides practical, pragmatic guidance aligned with common approaches and standards that provides a management system involving people, processes and technology. IT and business staff will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to design and deliver cyber resilient strategies.

Exams by level


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