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Every organization is vulnerable to IT or telecom failure, cyber-attacks or power outage; incidents that can cripple daily operations. And as business processes become more complex and companies rely more and more on third parties, the ability to recover end-to-end business processes is more complicated than ever. This makes Business Continuity Management (BCM) an essential part of risk management within any organization.

It’s about identifying single points of failure, performing business impact analyses, and creating and testing threat response and recovery plans. More strategically, it is also about mitigating reputation- and financial exposures, and about providing compliance benefits and creating competitive advantages.


EXIN’s Business Continuity Management certification is policy-oriented without getting into operational ‘how to’ details and applying the knowledge to daily practices. As the leadership component is recognized as an inseparable and very important part of business continuity, great value in this exam is being put on managerial commitment and its requirements.


The certification is based on ISO/IEC22301:2012 - the internationally recognized management systems standard for business continuity. It ensures that the BCM certification is applicable worldwide, to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product provided.


The Business Continuity Management certification is closely related to other governance certifications like IT Asset Management and security certifications like Information Security based on ISO/IEC 27002. 

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