Whitepaper Information Management

What is a whitepaper

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions, and are often requested and used in politics, policy, business, and technical fields.


What is information management

While there are many definitions of Information Management, we use the following one:

"The means by which an organization efficiently plans, collects, organizes, uses, controls, disseminates and disposes of its information, and through which it ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited to the fullest extent."


Why an EXIN whitepaper on Information Management?

We want people with roles involving processes and organizational issues (e.g. managers, HR, trainers) convince to be interested in information management. This EXIN whitepaper is a position paper in which a new concept of Information Management is introduced as a way to find solutions to existing problems that organizations are facing.


The core problem is that information in an organization is seldom consciously managed. Through the use of IT, design, control and management of information is not only become much more complex, but also increasingly important for the success of an organization. IT has the potential of information greatly improved and the role of information in an organization often fundamentally changed. Therefore unintended the role of IT and IT management in information management has become dominant. This leads to the design of the information management process that does not reflect the needs of the organization and even conflicts with the operation of the business. With this whitepaper we want to present a solution for this.


Whitepaper Information Management

Building great organizations through Information management: The People Factor


Traditional IT is fading. It is now about information management and business process management. This means that many more people are related to IT than just technical skilled people. Monitoring and managing information is no longer the responsibility of only IT professionals, but anyone who has access to them. People throughout the whole organization are involved in information management.


Up to now the it-centric approach towards business and IT alignment have brought mixed results, but can hardly be called successful. To do better in the future, the information architecture needs to built upon the  information requirements of the business, not on the now available products and services of the IT suppliers. To facilitate this, the role to connect the customer and the supplier needs to be recognized and made visible in order to enable professional development and improvement of the alignment of IT and the business.


The professionalization of Information Management comes with a shift from technical knowledge towards understand what information can do for an organization and how technology can be deployed to identify and exploit business opportunities. This requires people with new skills and means that the "human factor" makes the difference. It is of vital importance to develop professionals with the right competencies and skills.  EXIN sees an important role for itself in filling the emerging skills gap.


Want to know more? Download here the complete whitepaper.

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