The EXIN portfolio

EXIN offers the ICT professional a broad portfolio of exams and certification programs. The subjects can be divided into different (IT) domains as indicated in the picture below. Here EXIN explains how these exams and programs relate to each other and why they are placed into a specific domain.




Planning & Design

Within this group EXIN placed those qualifications on subjects that need to be planned and designed thoroughly throughout the whole organization. Organizations can decide to work more lean, green or sustainable and will decide on how to use the cloud properly. If the organization is a Data Center it will strive for increasing efficiency and optimized services. So that’s why EXIN Cloud, EXIN Data Centre Management, EXIN Lean IT and EXIN Green IT have been positioned within this group.


Development & Testing

Within this group EXIN placed those qualifications that have a close relationship with the (application) development process. Testing is an essential part of any development process. EXIN’s TMap NEXT® qualification covers that, where EXIN’s TPI NEXT®  (Test Process Improvement) focuses on improvements. Applications, as results of the development process, also need to be managed. The EXIN Application Management qualification offers a model to do that systematically.


Service & Operation

Within this group EXIN placed those qualifications that deal with excellent service providing. EXIN IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 has special attention for the management system, for quality aspects and practical application. MOF®  puts special emphasis on operational processes. And EXIN USMBOK™ focuses on universal Service Management principles, to be used both within and out of the ICT domain.


Support & Enable

Within this group EXIN placed those qualifications that deliver a valuable contribution to goals that could fit in one, more or all of the other four groups. EXIN Information Security will be of big interest to almost all of the Business and ICT subjects. EXIN Agile Scrum is an approach that can be applied to Project Management, Application Development etc.
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