In times where IT is everywhere and we expect to be able to do business anytime, anywhere and have to access the necessary data, IT professionals are under constant pressure to move faster and deliver software and services that drive business value. Every organization wants to improve efficiency and service quality, have more reliable service delivery, increased customer and employee satisfaction. The long term solution is to adopt DevOps.

DevOps, a shortened compound of "development" and "operations" emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other (IT) professionals. As a result, building, testing, and releasing software, can happen more rapidly and reliably, thus improve efficiency and service quality.


The EXIN DevOps Master certification is unique in the world as it comprises an advanced exam and a training that includes practical assignments to prove the competences of candidate DevOps Masters.

Especially professionals with knowledge of- and experience in Agile, LeanIT, Testing and IT Service Management, all domains where DevOps is applied, can benefit from their existing knowledge and experience when adding the EXIN DevOps Master certificate to their resume.


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